Cities work to address pothole problems

ALBANY, N.Y. — Pothole season is here, and city and town officials are trying to stay ahead of the problem.

“Every year we always have potholes. Winters like this where we have long, long periods of freezing, a lot of snow, make potholes more prevalent,” said Jack Cunningham of the Colonie Public Works Department.

The cold and abundant snow makes asphalt and tar easy to break. NEWS10 ABC spoke with officials in Colonie and Schenectady about how they're handling the pothole problem.

Cunningham says cities need your help to tackle the pothole problem.

“You need to know whose road you're on. You need to notify that municipality that they have a pothole. Make sure you note the location, and let them know and the municipalities come out and, uh, we correct our potholes in relatively short order,” he said.

If you have a pothole to report, call your city's “General Services” department. Many cities will fill the more problematic potholes within 24 hours.

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