Rising temperatures causes flooding, potholes

TROY, N.Y. – The whacky weather was causing havoc on the
roads Friday afternoon as rain and rise in temperature caused some snow to
melt, quickly flooding streets and sidewalks.

In Troy, city workers scrambled to open storm drains so
water could drain and hopefully not flood anyone's property.

For much of
the afternoon water can be seen flowing down sidewalks and streets creating gigantic
puddles on the corners that are almost impossible to pass.  But there is
also something else happening, as the water is flowing it's carrying with it
pieces of the road.

“We ain't got
a ton of equipment or a ton of people, but were doing the best we can,” said
Troy city worker Cameron.

Troy city workers are out chipping away at ice that's
blocking storm drains.

George Shaheen has lived in troy for 50 years.

“I've seen
this flooded down here before,' said Shaheen. “I was the only one who knew where the drain
was down here.”

Crews in
Albany are working to clear water off the roadways that have built up, but
they're having major issues because of all the snow and ice. Water is not
draining properly as it flows into this little stream here, it's becoming
stagnant and not moving.

Water on the road forced crews to
turn route 9 into a one-lane road which caused backed-up traffic.

weather is expected Saturday and crews are planning to do it all over again.

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