Importance of CPR knowledge stressed after woman save’s baby nephew’s life

COLONIE, N.Y. – A Florida woman quickly jumped into
action to save her baby nephew on Thursday after he stopped breathing, thanks
to her knowledge of CPR.

Viral photos show the frantic scene when Pamela Rauseo breathed
life back into her five month old nephew. Rauseo was driving along an
expressway in Miami Thursday when she says her nephew stopped crying and she
knew something was wrong.

Rauseo quickly pulled her SUV over and began
administering CPR.

Another driver also pulled over to help along with the
Miami Herald photographer who snapped the pictures. First responders quickly
followed and they praised Rauseo.

But would you know what to do if someone stopped breathing?
Jack Bevilacqua is the Assistant Chief at Colonie EMS and explained why it's so

“It's the only thing that's really proven to make a
difference is knowing CPR. Pushing on the heart to circulate the blood to get it
to the brain,” said Bevilacqua.

He explained a person will have to go in the middle of
the chest, just below the nipple line over the sternum and push hard and fast.

“And continue to do this at a rate of about a
hundred a minute or to the beat of staying alive,” he said.

The CPR Rauseo performed was a little different.

“With a baby or infant CPR we just use two fingers going
a third of the diameter of the chest and pushing down with those two fingers,” said

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