Northway bridges over Albany Shaker to see reconstruction this summer

COLONIE, N.Y. – The New York State Department of Transportation plans to repair two very old bridges over Albany Shaker Road.

Those who travel on Albany Shaker Road in Colonie, or the Northway above it, have probably passed under or over two aging bridges. NYSDOT says it's time for new ones and the work starts this summer.

A public hearing will be held next week to talk about phase one, the replacement of those bridges. The second phase would start in 2019, which is completely revamping the interchange at exit 4, and building a nearly direct exit to Albany International Airport.

However, Albany International Airport Spokesman Doug Myers said Albany Shaker Road traffic while trying to get on and off the Northway at exit 4 is sometimes backed up over a mile. He said it is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

Thankfully for drivers, NYSDOT plans on working on the bridges in a way that would have little effect on daily commutes.

The bill for the new bridges and possible new ramp would be paid for with tax payer money and a little federal money.

The public meeting on the reconstruction and bridgework is next Tuesday at Sand Creek Middle School in Colonie at 7p.m., so drivers can ask questions.

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