Travelers stranded on Valentine’s Day after storm

RENSSELAER, N.Y. – Due to Thursday and Friday's heavy snowfall in the Northeast, many travelers by land and air were left stranded for several hours.

Amtrak says all their lines should be fully operational
Saturday. However, the airport could be trickier, and travelers are reminded to
check in with their airline carrier before heading to the airport.

“Valentines, New York City. Yeah, wife's up from
Richmond so we're supposed to meet at seven. Not going to happen,” said Amtrak passenger
Robert Kelley.

Kelley was among more than 100 others at the Amtrak Station
in Rensselaer. They were all supposed to be headed down to New York City but
were delayed about two hours. Then there were the 190 passengers that were
stuck on this train for more than four hours. Amtrak confirmed they were coming
from New York City on their way to Toronto when a mechanical failure forced
them to stop in Rhinecliff.

“They didn't give us food, they didn't give us water.
They gave us nothing and they charged us for everything,” said passenger Louis

At Albany International Airport on Friday night there was
a plow truck on the runway. The board showed some cancellations and delays but
people said they are still getting around.

“About 20 to 30 minutes delay in Tampa and due to snow on
the runway here,” said traveler Bobbie Cook

Cook came all the way from Houston to celebrate her
grandmothers 99th birthday.

“I didn't think I was going to be able to and it was
a last minute Valentine's Day gift from my husband, so I could see my family,”
explained Cook.

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