Communities running low on snow removal budgets due to winter storms

N.Y. – After several snow storms in the Northeast this winter, some of the snow
removal budgets are already running low, leaving some communities feeling buried.

a pile of snow Friday night was a car, which was being dug out by Ernest Brandon.
His doctor told him to not shovel too much, which is easier said than done
since Brandon needs to commute.

story went the same way for many around the region as people dug out and crews
cleared as much snow as they could.

“We've got over 200 miles of road in our city,” explained Pittsfield
Mayor Dan Bianchi.

The City of Pittsfield has used most of their snow removal budget
for the season.

like this would be in the $75,000 -$80,000 range,” said Bianchi.

He says the city's budget for snow removal is $650,000 for the

said that because they didn't budget more, they will have to shift money from
the public works fund.

The cleanup isn't over for many cities as most continue to remove
the snow form curbs and lanes during snow emergencies.

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