Capital Region residents continue to dig out

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. — The snowfall from Thursday's storm was overwhelming for some East
Greenbush residents like business owner Tom King, who decided to close up his
insurance agency instead of dealing with a hassle.

originally from the Rochester area, has dealt with his fair share of snow, but
says enough is enough already.

Day of Bruegger's Bagels Bakery was able to make it into work only an hour late
today, with the help of her dad. She thought today was going to be an easy day
because of the weather, but business has actually been booming.

for Desmond Martz, things weren't as convenient. After falling asleep late last
night, he woke up to more snow than he bargained for. But overall, Martz who's
going to pharmaceutical school while working at Walmart, says he's not letting
the snow frustrate him.

even though a decent amount of snow fell over the last day or so, these East
Greenbush residents realize it's just a part of living in upstate New York.

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