Snow plow experts prove they live for winter storms

ALBANY, N.Y. – The latest storm to roll off nature's assembly line is dumping inches of snow in the Capital Region and the rest of the Northeast.

Not everyone has the blues about the heavy snow blanketing the Capital Region Thursday, though. Sue Dayton, owner of Hamilton Street Cafe in Center Square, says despite this blast of snow, business has been steady throughout the day thanks to workers.

One of those patrons was Calvin Grant, a snow removal expert.
“I'm out here having fun in the winter wonderland,” said Grant.

Heavy snow The Capital Region is seeing Thursday has been Grant's livelihood for over 20 years, and he's ok with it.

Cities need people like Grant to take care of sidewalks and walkways, while NYSDOT takes care of our major state highways and streets, says Bryan Viggiani.

“We've got almost 180 trucks with 400 drivers working 12 hour shifts on those trucks, clearing state roads all around the capital region and beyond,” said Viggiani with the DOT.

Grant and Viggiani just go to show you that tackling Mother Nature's wintry wrath is a team effort.

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