Niskayuna board meets with parents to discuss how to cut a $2 million budget gap

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. –  On the heels of voting to not close a school, but still battling a growing budget gap, the Niskayuna School Community met Wednesday to get input from parents on how the district can save and generate funds.

The Niskayuna School Board has been dealing with a $2 million budget gap for the last several years.  Last week, they listened to parents and voted not to close an elementary school, which was part of a plan to help shrink that growing budget gap. 

Now, more than 100 parents have come out to offer their ideas and help on how to get the district out of the red.

“The board of education is in a terrible position,” said Kim McClive-Reed, who has a child in the district.

The Niskayuna School board is facing a $2.6 million dollar budget gap which has been growing for five years.

“So we say we can't shrink the budget anymore, and yet the challenge will be to do that,” said Susan, another parent.

The district hopes to get innovate and is also hoping parents have the answers.

“it's part of our duty as parents and as community members to help them with the task of generating new revenue ideas,” explained McClive-Reed. 

She was at the meeting on Wednesday night because she's worried about her daughter's future.

“We're coming to the end of possible cuts without actually cutting down to the bone,” continued McClive-Reed.

She wants to offer anything that might help district leaders balance the budget without closing schools or cutting programs, ultimately hurting their communities. Searching for grants, installing solar panels, updating the phone system, accepting foreign students are just a few of the ideas being kicked around.

Parents and community members concerned about the budget gap and how to fix it, can join the next Board of Education meeting on February 25.

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