Capital Region residents reach out to family in southern storm

GHENT, N.Y. –  Those who were born and raised in the Northeast are used to the snow and ice, but those in the south aren't used to it, but some are embracing the weather.

Roads are coated with snow and trees encased in ice. There is slush everywhere in the Southeast and some use spatulas to get the ice off their car.

Kyle Lansing's sister Kara lives in Ghent and she managed to connect with her brother on Skype on Wednesday night.

Power lines are covered in ice, which caused the called to only last about five minutes. Once a connection was reestablished, Kyle filled his sister in on some of the more amusing sights of snow in the south.

“Some of it comical, chains on tires which is excessive,” said Kyle.

Even in the NEWS10 ABC newsroom, one of our reporter's was trying to connect with his sister down in Metro-Atlanta.

Reporter Marty Kasper got in touch with his sister Diane, where her car was frozen over and the streets were empty.

“Saw a snow plow on the interstate plowing very poorly,” said Diane.

“It's so hilly people don't know how to drive and get that momentum,”

Unimpressed by the accumulation, Diane, who is from Illinois and no stranger to snow, couldn't escape the panic at the stores.

“We are good, didn't partake in panic walked into Target, no bread, eggs, or milk. We got the last loaf and then ran,” said Diane.

Diane has not been to work and there is no place to go for those in the south but home.

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