Police Chief says change will come following Kokopellis incident

N.Y. – Troy Police released more video of the Kokopellis Club incident on Tuesday, and they
said once again that they believe officers acted appropriately.

Police Chief John Tedesco said on Wednesday that Kokopellis is
a catalyst for change, changes he plans to make. He said he is looking at the
positive side of things when it comes to the incident at Kokopellis.

said he believes officers acted appropriately following claims of excessive
force, but that the circumstances and public outcry for change has opened a door for improvements.

think we need a heightened level of accountability within the department
certainly from the command staff. Certainly we're going to look to revamp our
community policing program. I think it's, you know we're working off a 1998
model and it's time for change,” explained Tedesco.

Police Chief has been questioned by Internal Affairs in the past and he has, in
turn, asked for an FBI investigation into his department's Internal Affairs Department.

think the problem comes down to be the way we're examining our internal affairs
cases,” said Tedesco.

did not elaborate on the problem, however he did say “Well, I'm not saying
that they're not I'm just going to propose a change that will increase autonomy
and I think therefore enhance the confidence the community has in our ability
to do that.”

Council Member Rodney Wiltshire said it's a step in the right direction.

think that that's one of the biggest concerns that the community is crying out
for is that they feel that the internal affairs bureau is flawed and it's not
addressing these complaints seriously or effectively,” said Rodney.

Mayor Lou
Rosamillia responded to the possible changes.

“Chief Tedesco and I will sit down and discuss items the items that
he's referring to the internal affairs investigation and restructuring that as
well as looking at more command staff is something we have not shared yet at
the table so I don't feel comfortable talking about something I'm not aware of
but I'm sure well have an ongoing discuss ok about this,” said Rosamillia.

Another change Tedesco will propose at the meeting, vamping up their
community policing program.

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