Resident must leave Colonie motel after exposing room conditions

COLONIE, N.Y. – One resident of the Blu-Bell Motel has been asked to leave after showing the conditions of her room to NEWS10 ABC.

Colonie Police executed a search warrant at the Blu-Bell Motel Thursday to go room-by-room and look at the room conditions.

Town Attorney Mike Maguilli said the search began after he drove by the motel and noticed workers doing repairs and later discovered they didn't have a permit.

Motel owner Arjun, or Alex, Patel is being investigated by police and town officials after allegations that he misled his Skylane Motel tenants into believing they had a place to stay when they did not.

Officials also said Patel was making money off the county by housing homeless, displaced families and some sex offenders. Patel owns the Blu-Bell Motel, Super 8 and a Golden Corral, but county officials said they have not placed anyone at the Blu-Bell location in years.

The Blu-Bell manager did not want cameras to see the inside of the motel rooms. The niece of the resident who showed her room said she could not believe the conditions her aunt was living in.

“Rotting walls, rotting floors, despicable bathrooms,” she said.

She said her aunt, as well as many other Blu-Bell residents, don't have a choice but to call the motel home.

“She had been homeless, so I heard that they were inexpensive as possible, so I take her there,” she said.

She believes the residents are afraid of speaking up about the conditions of their rooms.

“If they say something, they're pretty sure they'll be thrown out and have nowhere to go,” she said. “The people living there are in the most desperate situations.”

The resident who showed her room still lives at the Blu-Bell, but she said she was asked to leave because the rooms are unfit for people to live.

The resident has not been given a deadline from management on when she must move out. Her niece said she hopes the city or county will do something, so the residents have some place to go when they do need to leave.

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