DOT employees rescue women from burning car

ALBANY, N.Y. — DOT workers jumped to action Saturday saving the driver and passenger of a vehicle that crashed and burst into flames near the intersection of Route 155 and Washington Avenue Extension in Albany.

Two women, whose names were not released, we're driving a blue ford Taurus eastbound on the Washington Avenue Extension on Saturday when Department of Transportation workers nearby said the driver lost control. The car struck a utility pole before bursting into flames.

Adam Miller, Wesley Grippin and David Burton were plowing and salting the street when they saw the car veer off the road. Their first instinct was to run and help.  

“I was just hoping everybody was okay. I mean, I didn't want us to get hurt either, you know, that close to the car,” said Miller.

“When we came across the guard rail here, I just yelled 'be careful.' I thought the car was going to explode because it was a pretty good fire here. So our concern was to get the people away from the car,” said Burton.

Miller was able to use a fire extinguisher to contain the situation. Grippin and Burton managed to pull the women out of the car. In the past, all three had witnessed issues wintry conditions can cause for drivers, but never to the extent of an automobile catching on fire.

Albany police and fire departments arrived shortly thereafter but the two women have the DOT's three brave workers to thank for saving their lives.

“I would like to just think someone else would do the same thing. I don't look at it as a hero. I mean, I'm sure someone behind us would've done the same thing. We just happen to be there first,” said Miller.

The DOT will internally honor the three men as a part of recognizing their employee excellence program, or REEP.

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