Search warrant executed at second Colonie motel

COLONIE, N.Y. – Colonie Police executed a search warrant Thursday at the Blu Bell Motel just days after the owners Skylane Motel closed over violations.

The town attorney and Colonie Police went door to at the motel, searching rooms and speaking with the motel manager. 

Town Attorney Mike Maguilli said the search began after he drove by the motel and noticed workers doing repairs, later discovering they didn't have a permit.

Motel owner Arjun, also known as Alex, Patel is being investigated by police and town officials after allegations that he misled his Skylane Motel tenants into believing they had a place to stay when they did not.

Officials also said Patel was making money off the county by housing homeless, displaced families, and some sex offenders. Patel owns the Blu Bell Motel, Super 8, and a Golden Corral — but the county says they have not placed anyone at the Blu Bell location in years.

The latest figures, courtesy of Albany County, show that Patel received more than $647,000 from 2008-2013 for housing at the Skylane Motel and more than $1.6 million at the Super 8, which total than $2,312,000.

Police say they found things like mold, exposed wires, and unsafe stairs during a search warrant after officials say a tenant fell through the floor at Skylane Motel last week.

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