Boy, 10, sworn in as Honorary Troy Police Officer

TROY, N.Y. — On Friday, Troy Police Chief John Tedesco swore in
10-year old JP Honsinger as an Honorary Troy Police Officer. 

JP has Niemann-Pick disease, a rare degenerative disease.

JP was sworn in wearing a TPD uniform shirt and a Troy Police
Badge that has the word “Honorary” in place of numbers.

Patrolman Kyle Jones is a close family friend, and says he wanted
to do something special for his buddy. So a few months back he started planning,
and on Friday he was Honsinger's partner.

“JP and the family have been through a rough road. To do something
like this put a smile on their face. It was nice,” said Jones.

After the swearing in, he got to go on a ride along. Patrolman Jones was JP's partner for the day,
and also one of his role models.

During the day, JP was able
to unleash his K9 companion to catch one of the bad guys himself. He was even
able to soothe K9 Elza and lead her back to the patrol car.

The entire day for JP has been a couple of months in the making. He said his favorite part of his day was learning about the Police K-9 and working with them.



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