Local business hit by string of burglaries, suspect caught on camera

PITTSFIELD, Mass., – A business in Pittsfield is hit by a burglar, which is just the latest in the string of burglaries this business has seen.

The latest burglary at Mace's Marine in Pittsfield is the fourth since last spring.

Although the owners installed video cameras, the camera outside had frozen over. However, the camera on the inside of the business was working, and caught the burglar's every move.

Heather Maces, the owner of the business, was called early Saturday morning last week. The shop had been broken into, again.

The burglar, dressed in a mask and gloves, used a crowbar to break into the shop.

“Came running and ran all the way around”, said Heather.

The suspect headed directly for the cash drawer, but was only able to find quarters, dimes and nickels in the drawer.

“Before we had video, I suspected everybody, even my friends,” said Heather. “Then you feel guilty.”

However, with the purchase of a security camera, the thief has somewhat of an identity

“I look at mannerisms. I can't say I'm for sure. Have some suspicions I hope its nobody I know,” explained Heather. “But I kind of feel it is, and that's sad.”

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