Sheriff: Abandoned animals found in Shushan rental home

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SHUSHAN, N.Y. – Charges could be filed after Washington County Sheriff officers responded to a report of abandoned animals in Shushan.

The landlord of the rental property, Elizabeth Osterhaudt, called officers after discovering the abandoned animals during a chimney inspection attempt. Eleven dogs were found, but authorities say they did not have food, water or clean cages. A total of five rabbits were found, three of which were dead. Several exotic birds were also found, as well as fish frozen in a tank.

Police say the man who rented the home is a well-known
dog breeder, handler and groomer. They also say there is evidence that his
young children may have also lived in the home.

The animals were removed and taken to a local veterinary to be examined. The Sheriff's office is waiting for the exam results in order to review the case with the District Attorney's office to determine appropriate charges.


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