More than 100 headstones damaged in Oakwood Cemetery

TROY, N.Y. – Troy Police are investigating a case after more than 100 headstones at a cemetery were damaged.

Oakwood Cemetery administrator Bernard Vogel said a total of 108 headstones were damaged. Cemetery workers found the headstones Monday as they were prepping for an internment. The headstones were around 100 years old.

Captain Daniel DeWolf with the Troy Police Department said, “It's terrible. It's just a total lack of respect for the deceased and for their families.”

Vogel said when the workers noticed the pushed over headstones, they went straight to the office.

“You can't just put a finger on what would drive someone to do something so devastating,” he said.

Cpt. DeWolf said the attack appears random.

“Some of them were tipped over, some of them broken,” he described. “It's something that's not going to be tolerated.”

The historic Oakwood Cemetery is home to some headstones that are centuries old. One of the vandalized headstones dates back to the 1800s.

The Uncle Sam cemetery plot was not affected, according to officials.

“All of these stones here,” Vogel said, “they are our family and we will take care of them.”

Vogel said the area of the cemetery that was damaged had just been restored in summer 2013.

Crews will be able to repair the stones but not until spring when the weather is warmer.

“We will fix them once the thaw comes,” Vogel said. “A matter of a day or two they will all be put back in shape.”

Troy Police said they have no suspects and no one is in custody. If you have any information about how these headstones were damaged, call Troy Police.

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