Bomb squad called to Colonie Goodwill over suspicious items

COLONIE, N.Y. — Two items that appeared to be hand grenades donated to the Goodwill Store in Colonie resulted in the State Police bomb squad responding Saturday afternoon, town police said.

According to police, two items were found in a group of donations around 1:30 p.m.

The New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit determined the one item to be a “training aide with a live detonator”, while the other was the body of a hand grenade which contained no explosive material.

Colonie police say both items were taken by the bomb unit, and that they did not appear to be maliciously donated in an attempt to cause panic.

Nonetheless, police are still trying to find out who left them at the store.

A similar incident happened last Sunday at a Goodwill in South Burlington Vermont. In that incident, the bomb disposal unit of the Vermont Air National Guard was called in to respond to a donated item that looked like a grenade.

In the end, that item was determined to just be an antique.

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