Rotterdam Police investigate alleged gas leak scheme

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – The Rotterdam Police Department is
investigating a complaint from a Robinwood Avenue resident about an alleged gas
leak scheme.   

The resident told police that a man came to her door at 1:30
p.m. on January 16, and told her that there was a gas leak nearby. He explained
that he needed to come inside and check her utilities, and the resident allowed
him to enter.

Police say the man is between 25 and 30 years old, clean
shaven, wearing a black jacket and dark colored baseball hat. He has a
laminated name tag on his jacket and claimed to be making a phone call to his
boss, during which he spoke in Spanish.

He ran water in all the sinks in the house, and authorities
say he distracted the resident by asking her to run water in the basement while
he remained upstairs. He then left the home.

The resident later verified there was no gas leak nearby,
and discovered a small amount of money missing from her bedroom.

Police are reminding residents to verify the identity of
anyone claiming they need to enter their residence. If there is any suspicion,
do not allow the person to enter and call 911.

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