Memory of little girl preserved by Random Acts of Kindness

CORINTH, N.Y. – A Corinth family is trying
to stay strong on a heartbreaking, one-year anniversary by encouraging people
to be kind to others.

The Rosenbrocks lost their daughter,
Vivienne, to a sickness on January 16, 2013. But rather than focus on sorrow,
they're trying to spread smiles across the globe in her memory.

Ashley Rosebrock posted a Facebook
call for people to perform a random act of kindness in her daughter's memory
late Wednesday night.

The page, Vivienne's Random Act of
Kindness, immediately received thousands of likes. Wal-Mart and Outback
Steakhouse also participated. Rosenbrock asked people to ‘pay it forward' by
doing a small act for others such as purchasing coffee or leaving a neighbor a

The Rosenbrocks were surrounded by
friends and family Thursday evening to remember Vivienne on the one-year
anniversary of her death.

They enjoyed each other's company
and had a balloon and lantern release to honor the little girl who Rosenbrock
said was “amazing, full of energy” and missed every day.

Rosenbrock said the outpouring of
support from people willing to pay it forward brought her so much joy on an
anniversary filled with sadness.

To help with this social media
movement you can search Vivienne's Random Act of Kindness or Vivienne's RAOK on

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