King accepts plea deal in Baby Brett case

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. – A Fort Edward man has pleaded guilty to causing the death of a three month old baby boy.

Kevin King, 30, will be sentenced to State Prison for 20 years for a manslaughter charge.

King accepted the Washington County District Attorney's plea deal on Thursday, which spared him from a possible term of life behind bars for a 2nd degree murder charge.

During the hearing in court, the lawyer for King, a man who admitted to causing the death his own son, said there isn't enough evidence to support the murder count.

On August 11th, 2013, authorities say King's infant son, Brett, was brought to the Glens Falls hospital with severe head injuries and internal injuries. State police say King admitted that he was responsible. King allegedly told them he became frustrated when the baby wouldn't stop crying which lead him to pick the baby up, squeeze him and throw him to the ground.

His lawyer is trying to pursue the defense that King's actions were the result of quote “extreme emotional disturbance” that resulted from the baby's crying.

King had been watching Baby Brett while his girlfriend, the baby's mother, went on a quick errand.

King's mother said her son was under extreme stress and pressure at work. She also said he was in emotional distress at the time because he had just discovered that Baby Brett was not his biological son.

Following the plea deal, District Attorney Tony Jordan said he would have been happier with the murder charge. However, it carries with it a very broad definition of depraved indifference which would have been hard to prove.

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