High School senior battling cancer receives support from classmates

NORTHVILLE, N.Y. – A local high school basketball player, who is battling cancer, is getting all of the support he needs thanks to the power of social media.

Tim Monette attends Northville Central High School, is also number 23 on the Falcons, the school's basketball team. Monette calls it a passion, something he looks forward to as he battles an aggressive form of cancer known as Burkitt's lymphoma.

The illness means he cannot go to school on a regular basis and instead has a tutor, despite that, he's continued to play most of this season. However, that was until the game Wednesday night when he said the principal took him and his parent's aside, informing them that he might not be able to play.

Monette said he told his teammates and through social media, which caused word to spread. In response dozens of students staged a sit in to protest on Thursday.

In a statement, The Superintendent said:

“Last night (1/15/14) High School Principal Mariah Kramer questioned Tim Monette's eligibility to play basketball, given that the district policy requires a student be in attendance on the day of the game to be eligible to play. She responded fairly and properly … After consulting me and the school's attorney first thing this morning it was decided that the home tutoring he is receiving constitutes the requisite attendance and as long as he has a doctor's clearance for each game.”

Monette's parents tell me they had a meeting with the district earlier on Thursday and were informed of the decision. As the high school senior goes through what he hopes are the last few months of chemotherapy, he said it is a big relief.

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