Albany Med considering being hub for medical marijuana

ALBANY, N.Y. – Albany Medical Center is showing signs that
it is willing to consider being a hub for medical marijuana.

These signs are on the heels of Governor Andrew Cuomo
endorsing medical marijuana being brought to New York State.

Cuomo wants the State Department of Health to first study
the drug's effectiveness, before implementing a medical cannabis policy. As
many as 20 hospitals would be allowed to dispense the controlled substance,
under Cuomo's plan.

President  &
CEO James Barba is indicating Albany Medical Center would throw it's hat in the
ring to be one of the 20 hospitals. Although, Barba wasn't available for an on
camera interview, he emailed NEWS10ABC a statement which read “Albany Medical
Center has an obligation to our patients to consider all safe and effective
therapeutic options. As such, we will explore further the potential benefits to
patients of New York's controlled substance therapeutic program for medical

It remains uncertain how hospitals would work around
federal laws that consider marijuana a Schedule-1 narcotic, the same category
as heroin.

“What we're talking about probably doesn't even
resemble what most people are thinking in their minds on a physical level,”
explained Susanne Truesdale with Compassionate Care of New York. “We're talking
about liquid medications that have no street value and that are pharmaceutical

Compassionate Care of New York is working toward full legalization
of medical marijuana.

Truesdale said medical marijuana as close by as Albany
Med could literally be a lifesaver for many people with debilitating diseases.

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