Local man is a Mars One hopeful

WHITEHALL, N.Y. – At the end of last year, Mars One, a
not-for-profit foundation determined to start a civilization on Mars, is one
step closer to taking flight. 

More than 200,000 people from 140 countries have applied for
a seat to the red planet. It's been whittled down to just over a thousand,
which includes one local man.

Randy Bevins has a dream of being selected to go to Mars.

He said, “To me, it's always been about space exploration, it's always
been about going out and being an astronaut, these types of things.”

Bevins is a Whitehall Police Officer who stumbled upon
a story about Mars One. The foundation has dreams of inhabiting the
Martian soil on Mars. 

“Immediately I applied, without even thinking about it, I just applied,”
said Bevins.

He's one of just 1,058 people to make it to Phase Two, after
only submitting an application video.

“I want to go to mars because it's the most important thing
I can think to do with the rest of my life,” explained Bevins in the video.

Now he has been asked to go through doctor screenings and prepare
for a mission to Mars. So far, he's lost 150 lbs. and has gone back to

“Everything I can do, absolutely,” he said.

Randy is a father of four and struggles when he asks why he would take part
in this mission. His only answer is that he wants the chance to be a part of
mankind's journey.

“The next giant leap for mankind, it really is,” Bevins explained.

Bevins said he is ready, and hopeful he'll make through the next cuts, which
will take place over the next two years.

Mars One, with the help of private companies like Lockheed
Martin and Surrey Satellite hope to launch an unmanned space craft in
2018.  They then hope to send people to the red planet by 2024, never to
return to Earth.

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