Workers focus on breaking up ice jam in Starkville

STARKVILLE, N.Y. — Heavy machinery was brought into Starkville due to concerns that an ice jam under the bridge of Route 80 will cause flooding.

That flooding concern isn't just for Starkville, but also Fort Plain, just 8 miles downstream.

The mayor of Fort Plain, Guy Barton, visited Starkville
to see the problem firsthand. Crews worry that the ice jam could cause a backup, then a flash flood in Fort Plain.
The area was devastated by flash flooding back in June, and Barton says his
village can't take much more.

The State Department of Transportation said they noticed the problem in Starkville earlier in the week and hired a contractor to handle it.

As part of that effort, 12 workers have been focused on breaking up the snow and ice and removing it from the creek. With warmer temperatures and rain expected over the weekend, the DOT says the time to act is now.

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