National Grid crew repairing gas main leak in Scotia

SCOTIA, N.Y. – A National Grid crew is on the scene of a gas main leak in in the area of Washington Avenue in Scotia, near Jumpin' Jacks Drive-In.

Around midnight, National Grid was notified of a smell of gas in the area. A crew sent to the scene discovered a leak in the vicinity in an eight-inch steel gas main line. The source and exact cause of the leak is being investigated. 

The extent of the leak is contained to the immediate area, with constant and continuous monitoring.

National Grid has been working to install a bypass pipe around the leak since about 1 a.m. and no customers have been affected. The bypass will allow a safe shutdown and repair of the affected damage, while maintaining a continuous gas supply to customers. However, until the work is finished in the next several hours, gas will continue to be vented from the line. Although the smell of gas will continue until the bypass is completed, there is no danger resulting from the situation because the gas is being safely vented into the air.  

This event should not prevent anyone from reporting an odor of gas. Individuals are still encouraged to report any suspicious smell of gas to National Grid by calling #800-892-2345.

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