Ice jams cause flooding problems

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. – A Ballston Spa resident experienced
flooding in his home because of an ice jam that formed nearby.

When Nathan Zerbe returned home Monday night, the first
thing that caught his eye was a huge ice jam in his backyard.

“I'd never seen an ice dam before,” he said. “It looked like
a big glacier.”

Zerbe was not aware of the trouble it may cause.

 “My landlord called
and warned me that the ice dam may be leaking water into the basement,” he

The pressure from the dam pushed up groundwater that flowed
right into his basement.

“I stayed up until about 11 o'clock, and I checked the basement
and there was about two inches of water in my basement,” he explained.

The fire department pumped
the water out, and they gave Zerbe an extra pump to keep up with the water flow.

“Took a two hour nap, got up
at 2 a.m. to check on the basement, and I had four inches of water in my basement,”
he continued.

The fire department returned to his house, pumped out the
water again, and lent Zerbe two more pumps.

“I thought it was cool at first,” Zerbe said. “But then I saw
my basement, and it became real.”

His basement hasn't flooded again with the extra pumps, but Zerbe
is worried about what's ahead once the ice starts to melt.

“I hope the dam breaks and the ice just flows past the dam,”
he said.

Otherwise, he said it will get backed up into his basement

National Grid has also kept watch over the ice jam in
Ballston Spa because of a gas line and water line nearby.

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