Cuomo signs legislation allowing for the adoption of stronger pet dealer regulations

ALBANY, N.Y. — Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Friday to help protect the health and safety of dogs
and cats across New York State by authorizing local municipalities to adopt
more stringent laws to regulate pet dealers.

“The legislation announced today is a win for those individuals and communities
across the state that have fought for the health and safety of animals under
the care of pet dealers,” Governor Cuomo said. “While existing state law will
be upheld, today's legislation will give support to the many local
municipalities that want to ensure stronger safeguards are in place to protect the
animals in their communities.”

The new law authorizes municipal governments to enact more stringent laws than
those currently existing at the state level by removing the current preemption
on municipalities to enact their own laws regulating or licensing pet dealers.
Any new local ordinance must be at least as stringent as state law and must not
result in the banning of the sale of dogs and cats raised in a safe and healthy

The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets will continue to
enforce existing state laws pertaining to animal care by pet dealers. Under
this legislation, if a municipality chooses to adopt a more stringent local
law, enforcement of the new law will be the sole responsibility of the

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