Albany man charged with false impersonation, criminal possession of a weapon

N.Y. – Troy Police have arrested an Albany man accused of false impersonation
and criminal possession of a weapon.

1:52 a.m. on Friday, Troy Police responded to 114 Project Road for a report of
an unknown male attempting to gain entry into one of the apartments. Units
stayed in the area checking for any person that might fit the
description.  An officer saw a person that matched the description and
stopped him in front of Bldg. 8 Griswold Hts. 

talking to the person, police say it became apparent that he was not being totally
truthful with his name. Officers conducted a field interview of the subject and
it became apparent that the subject wasn't who he identified himself as. He told
police that he could have someone come down with his I.D. from Building 13. 
A woman arrived with ID and it was determined that the subject being detained
was lying about his name.

S. Young, of Albany, was then advised that he was under arrest for false
impersonation and handcuffed.  It was during the pat down that a Smith and
Wesson .38, with two rounds in the cylinder, was found in Young's right front

a gun inquiry it was found that the gun was stolen in NYC back in 1993. 

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