Greek yogurt pilot program to expand

ALBANY, N.Y. — The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Greek yogurt pilot program has been urged by Senator Charles Schumer to expand.

The program was such a success, Schumer wants to expand it to additional states. He revealed today that participating schools in New York, Tennessee, Idaho, and Arizona consumed 200,000 pounds of Greek Yogurt, worth $300,000.

“In only three months, select schools in New York, Arizona, Idaho and Tennessee consumed 200,000 pounds of Greek yogurt, which gives us a great taste of the potential for this pilot should it be expanded. The USDA has done great work thus far, and I hope they will continue bringing this protein-packed snack to more school lunch rooms” said Senator Schumer.

The fight for expansion is in the hopes that New York will become the Greek yogurt capital of the United States.

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