Sheriff responds to Washington County truck accident

EASTON, NY – Washington County Sheriff officials responded to a fatal truck accident on Route 40 this morning in the town of Easton.

The crash happened shortly before noon between Bulson Road and Hegeman Bridge Road. The driver of the truck did not survive.

This comes direct from
the Sheriff's Office's website:

According to Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy, on January 4th 2014 at about a
10:30AM a fully loaded gasoline tanker truck was traveling northbound on Route
40 in the Town of Easton, when the vehicle drifted out of its lane on the right
hand side of the roadway, the driver was unable to recover, and the vehicle
followed the ditch for approximately 250 feet.

rig overturned, crushing the cab of the vehicle, killing the driver.  As
the result of the roll over and crash, several hundred gallons of gasoline was
released from the tanker and spilled into a nearby field.

of the fuel spill rescue workers were unable to approach the vehicle until the
scene was stabilized.  Firefighting foam and absorbent materials were used
to make the scene safe.  The rig had to be up righted by a wrecker service
in order for the victim to be extricated from the vehicle.

victim was identified as Stephan A. Andriani, age 57 of River Road, Selkirk
NY.  He was pronounced dead by Coroner James Garipey, and removed to the
Glens Falls Hospital pending an autopsy.

fire and rescue squads were on the scene to affect the recovery of the victim,
as well as NYS Bureau of Fire, and the NYS Environmental spill response team.

Washington County Sheriff's Office was on scene along with the New York State
Police and DEC Police.

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