Train and tractor trailer collide, man saved

N.Y.  There was a train accident involving a tractor
trailer on Friday and a man walked away with only minor injuries.

One local farmer is recovering from what could have been a very
tragic accident. The man was crossing the rail road tracks, just outside his
farm, when his truck collided with an oncoming train. The truck was then sent
careening to the frigid Hoosick River. 

It was an accident Unc Broc's wife, Kris Broc, didn't think he was
going to make it out of alive. “I thought he was dead, I thought he
was dead,” she said.

Kris witnessed the whole accident from her window after she heard
the jack brake on her husband's tractor trailer.

“Just hit the trailer and it was full of corn, it was like an
explosion of corn,” said Broc. “Tractor went flying into the

According to rescue crews the tractor trailer was split in two,
with one end being thrown a few yards away from where the tractor sat dangling
from the tracks. “It just flung it into the river like someone throwing a
baseball,” she said.

“This is an unprotected railway, and in 28 years this had
never happened before said,” Mike Jackson, the Schaghticoke Fire Chief.

There are no rail road crossing signals at the tracks where
Fishermans Lane runs through; a road Kris says her husband takes nearly five
times a day.

“They always blow their horns, you look both ways but, like I
said, he didn't hear it and the sun was right in his eyes he was going very
slow,” added Broc.

On the frigid cold day, as rescuers rushed to the scene the driver
of the truck managed to prop himself on the tractor as he waited to be rescued.

“We were talking to him, he had climbed out standing there
waiting for rescue ‘cause he was actually out in the water,” Jackson said.

The same rescuers who had to save Kris' husband, plunged back into
the cold Hoosick River to attach hooks to the tractor and trailer as they tried
to lift it out from the water before they froze over. The New York State Police
will continue to investigate what sparked the incident.

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