Local cemeteries continue with duties despite weather

COLONIE, N.Y. — Despite the subzero
temperatures and the fresh snow that has fallen, crews of the Albany Diocesan
Cemeteries were out preparing sites for different funerals Friday.

Weather and snow aren't stopping workers at Our Lady of Angels Cemetery in
Colonie prepared for funerals for local families.

“People don't understand. A lot of people
say you don't do burials this time of year or something. But, yes we do. We do
them year-round,” said Operations Manager Timothy Putorti.

Putorti has been working in the business since 1978 and said it's rare for the
cemetery to cancel a funeral because of bad weather.

“It's a very busy day for us. We have 15 cemeteries we have to clear out,” he

Crews were out at 6 Friday morning to clear out the snow.

“At this time of year the men would have to
clear out a large area so we can ascertain the layout of the grave and check
the area,” Putorti said.

You may think the snow poses a challenge for crews to dig up the grave sites,
but all the white stuff can be helpful for them.

“When we get temperatures of this degree-frost will set in the ground which
makes it very difficult for our employees to excavate graves. So, with the snow
on the ground it provides insulation which prevents frost from penetrating the
ground,” he said.

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