Dog recovering after being left in the cold in Lansingburgh

TROY, N.Y. — A dog is recovering in Troy Friday after being tied up and left out in the cold on Thursday.

Police say the dog, now named Jenna was tied to a fence on a short leash near the Boys and Girls Club in Lansingburgh.

A concerned citizen contacted police, and the dog was taken to the veterinary hospital.

The 2-year old is expected to be okay, but had action not been taken, police say she wouldn't have made through last night's weather.

“The pit bull was lying on the ground at that time because it's pad were in such bad shape, it could not stand,” said Captain John Cooney of Troy Police.

“She does not have frostbite, which is good because of how cold it was. She does have an infection and her skin is red from the infection,” said Laura Engel of the Troy Veterinary Hospital.

Police say the community is providing them with information that will likely lead them to the owner, who will be held responsible.

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