Kathy Sheehan welcomed as new mayor of Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. – The City of Albany welcomed a new mayor along with
a New Year on Wednesday.

Kathy Sheehan was officially sworn in as Mayor Wednesday
afternoon, taking the reins from former Mayor Jerry Jennings. Jennings held the
position of mayor for two decades before making the decision to not run for off

Sheehan is the former city treasurer but will now serve as the
75th mayor of Albany and only the fourth mayor in more than 70 years.

“It felt great. Been the culmination of a lot of hard work so it's
wonderful to finally be sworn in and call myself mayor,” said Sheehan.

While standing at the podium, Sheehan found herself emotional at
times after thanking her parents.

“It is their faith and guidance and abiding love that has brought
me here today,” continued Sheehan. “I had a lot of family that visited and fond
memories of my parents but they are here in spirit.”

Also sworn in Wednesday are the new and continuing Common Council
members, consisting of seven brand new members.

Common Council President Carolyn McLaughlin described the members
as “An eclectic group of people to bring a lot to the table and a lot of discussion.”

McLaughlin said one of the biggest challenges will be making sure
each neighborhood in Albany is represented.

“They know they have to think for the community and make those
communities the best you can be and in the best interest of the folks who
elected them,” McLaughlin continued.

Mayor Sheehan said she is up to the task of making Albany the best
it can be, one neighborhood at a time.

“We need to be out there listening to our neighborhoods, know what
they need and know what the challenges are,” said Sheehan.

The new city auditor and treasurer were also sworn in on New Year's
Day. There are a lot of new faces in Albany, who all agree that there are
plenty of projects to take on in the city.

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