Firefighters gear up for lifesaving run

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Schenectady, N. Y. –  It's “game on” for the Helmut Trophy.
Firefighters from Albany, Schenectady and Johnstown sprinted through Schenectady's Central Park this morning to get ready for this year's Run 4 Your Life.
Schenectady firefighters have secured the prize the past four years by winning the race, which raises funds for the American Heart Association.
That's providing added incentive for these firefighters as they get in shape for the run.
Organizer and Schenectady Fire Department Lt. Brian Demarest says, “Heart attack is the leading cause of death in fire fighters.  The public doesn't really know that.  They think the hazards involved in fighting fires is the biggest cause of death, but it's actually heart attack.”
The Run 4 your Life is Saturday, March 29th and includes divisions for individuals and teams, including the firefighters.
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