Solider returns home for the holidays

ALBANY, N.Y. — A soldier from Loudonville didn't need to wrap a Christmas present this year — he was the present, coming home late Christmas Eve, to a very happy family.

It wasn't Christmas music but bagpipes played by a high school friend that greeted Private Christian Vincent when he arrived in Albany.

“Well its very unexpected, I'll give you that. I was expecting one or maybe three people and then when I walk out I see a crowd, that was a big shocker for me,” he said.

“It's absolutely amazing, I'm overjoyed, Christmas to me is all about family and having my son home is the best Christmas present a mother could ever have,” said his mother, Lora Vincent.

Christian's mom bought him a big new bed for the holiday, and after opening presents and catching up with family, a little rest and relaxation is definitely in order.

For now, this brave young man from Loudonville is just happy to be home.

“It's incredible really, you think about it back when you're in training and it feels so far away like it will never come and t hen its more than you can ever imagine, for a solider coming home it's the best feeling you can ever have,” he said.

Private Vincent was stationed in Fort Hood, for now he's back in the Capital Region.

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