Investigators expected to return to Moyston Street fire scene

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Investigators are expected to return Thursday to Moyston Street where three homes were destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve.

Officials do not know yet how this fire started, but they are expected at the scene on Thursday morning to continue their investigation. They
say it may take some time to determine a cause due to the extent of the damage and rubble.

A total of nine victims were displaced on Tuesday night, including children. Fire crews responded to the massive fire at about 10 p.m. that night.

The wind and freezing temperatures were a challenge for firefighters trying to get the fire under control.

Officials say two people were rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, with one victim taken to the burn unit of Westchester Medical Center suffering minor burn injuries. Both are expected to be okay.

During the battle to extinguish the fire, police say two people got into a fight at the scene. One person ended up being treated at Ellis Hospital for injuries related to the fight.

The Red Cross is now helping the displaced victims with temporary housing. One of those families has three children: ages 5, 2, and 4-months, according to the Red Cross.

Several neighbors came to the aid of the families, helping police and firefighters rescue those trying to escape.

“The first thing we do is to go into action and move
the cars because we know the firefighters are on their way. Nobody would expect
something like this to happen. Fortunately though everyone escaped with their
life and everything else can be replaced,” said neighbor Marvin Carter.

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