Last minute Christmas shoppers hit the malls

GUILDERLAND, N.Y. – There were not many last minute
shoppers at the malls on Christmas Eve, but NEWS10 ABC's Trishna Begam found
one shopper who only started his holiday shopping on Tuesday.

Wandering around the mall on Christmas Eve without a
list, without even a game plan, would be stressful for many, but not Mike Stopera.

“Didn't really plan ahead too far, winging it on the last
day,” said Stopera.

By Tuesday morning, Stopera had one gift bought but five
more to go. That is when NEWS10 ABC decided to strap our go-pro camera on
Stopera's head as he hunted for deals and tried to find the perfect gift.

“Just walking around hoping it'll come when I get there,”
he said.

His plan of action was to wander around until he sees
something that catches his eye.

Michael Bates, another last minute shopper, said “It wouldn't
be a normal Christmas if I didn't wait till last minute.”

As the registers ringed in the profits and stores lured
in the last minute bargain hunters, shoppers were hoping to fill their hands with
shopping bags full of presents before the crowds hit.

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