Teen visits Columbia Memorial Hospital to spread cheer

HUDSON, N.Y. — One local teenager is spreading holiday cheer at Columbia Memorial Hospital Monday morning to patients staying in the hospital during the holiday season. 

Jordin Corvin, 13, is no stranger to the hospital — he's been giving away presents to patients since he was six during the event known as “Jordan's Wish.”

On Monday morning, he and his younger brother visited the hospital with holiday bags stuffed with presents. He went to each patient's room, giving away 70 gift bags.

In the bags were a deck of playing cards, a Christmas ornament, and a bookmark he made himself. 

“I just hope that they are happy this time of
year and not sad,” he said.

Corvin said he knows what it's like to be stuck in the hospital during the holidays. The Saugerties teen has autism, and has been in and out of the hospital over the years. 

“Someone gave me an electronic train set which sort of inspired me. So it's one of those things you kind of want to give back. So many people gave stuff to me, I wanted to give back,” he said.

His mother April says they put out
donation jars every year at local banks in Saugerties. Corvin added that he wouldn't be able to do this on every year without the help of his family and his cub scouts troop that help wrap the gifts.

April said she is very proud of her son, calling him a selfless and caring person who her
younger son, 10-year-old Tyler, can look up to.

“His brother learned how to
be kind through Jordan. Jordan has been kind to others and his brother says 'I
want to help, too,'” she said.



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