Extended Unemployment Compensation Program not renewed, thousands to feel impact

— Certain unemployment benefits for thousands of people in the Capital Region are
running out.

because congress left for the holiday without renewing The Extended
Unemployment Compensation Program.

“I have two children, one starting college next fall.
I'm more concerned about the long term, about being able to get him through
college, being able for us to maintain our home and just the basic necessities,”
said Lisa Cicchinelli, who receives extended unemployment.

Cicchinelli is one of the 1.3 million unemployed Americans
who have been out of work for more than 26 weeks, which means starting Sunday
she'll no longer be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The State Labor Department confirms more than 100,000 New
Yorkers will be effected — nearly 4,700 of them live in the Capital Region.

On average, in New York, the benefits amount to $306 a
week — money that provides a safety net for the unemployed and helps them get

Those impacted have already been sent email
notifications. Cicchinelli calls it disappointing, which is why she tells me
she's written letters to her congressional representatives.

“People have a misconception about what unemployment
is. There are people that obviously abuse the system but then there are people
like myself who've been applying for jobs and are basically willing to take
anything just to have a little bit of income,” she said.




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