Schenectady superintendent fights for equal rights to state funding

— Schenectady's superintendent of schools is in New York City Friday to fight
for equal rights when it comes to state funding for his district.

Larry Spring left from the Rensselaer train station on Friday to deliver a
complaint to the Office for Civil Rights.

The complaint
is regarding discrimination by New York State on how it funds school districts.
It argues that the way the state currently distributes education aid has a
discriminatory impact on minorities, non-English speaking students, and
students with disabilities. It also alleges the current funding method violates
federal law.

Spring says
it's an issue that has a serious impact on his district.

and race go hand in hand and students that grow up in poverty, student that
grow up in urban centers tend to need greater resources in order to catch up
and level the playing field,” he says.

No decision is expected Friday, but Spring is hoping that his
actions will lead to a more equitable distribution of funding in future

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