Gloversville Police investigating report of possible child lure attempt

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. — Gloversville Police are investigating a report of a possible child lure attempt on Thursday night.

On December 12, at about 6 p.m. a child walking on East Fulton Street near Cedar Street when they were approached by a dark colored full size truck, possibly a Dodge Ram, with a quad cab and silver tool box in the bed.

The truck had lights on top of the truck, similar to off road auxiliary lighting, and a pink ribbon on the back, similar to a breast cancer awareness sticker or magnet. The truck was described as having rusted wheels and a loud exhaust.

The driver of the truck was described as black male with graying hair wearing a gray hat and glasses, possibly sunglasses. He asked the child if he needed a ride and the child declined and said he was calling his mother, causing the subject to drive off.

The child reports this is the second time he was approached by this truck with the same subject driving, in the same area. On Sunday, December 8, at around 7:30 p.m., the child was on Oakland Avenue when the same subject asked the child if he needed a ride.

There is no indication the vehicle driver took any steps to physically get the child into the vehicle and there was no other conversation reported.

The Police Department is asking the public for any information in this case. Anyone with information regarding the case is urged to call the Police Department at 773-4506 or 736-2100.


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