Woman attacked by bobcat in Washington County

PUTNAM STATION, N.Y. – Three people in Washington County are being
treated for exposure to rabies after a woman was attacked by an infected

Cindy Bowman, 49, was attacked December 5 at the door of her
Adirondack home. She was letting her dog back inside when the bobcat appeared.

Bowman said she is now terrified to step outside her home after
the animal attacked her face, head, shoulder, arms, and thigh.

“It was so fast; I grabbed it by the throat,” she said. “The
cat had me by the head, by the shoulder, and arm. I was just choking it until
it would let go of my body.”

The puncture wounds are still visible on Bowman's arm, and she
said the bobcat left wounds on her head.

Bowman was rushed to the hospital after she escaped the bobcat. At
the same time, her daughter's boyfriend, Nate Nadeau, was on his way to the
home with a gun.

“He didn't get scratched. He shot it first,” Bowman

The bobcat was shot and killed. It later tested positive for

The health department in Washington County said an attack of this
nature by a bobcat is a rare occurrence. An attack hasn't happened in the last
25 years.

Bowman is undergoing shots for her rabies, but she's afraid
another bobcat may be lurking in the area. She is so frightened, that she is
considering moving away from the rural area which would mean moving out of the
house where she was raised.

Nadaeu and a third person who had direct contact with the bobcat
are also undergoing a series of shots for the disease.

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