Police: Suspect stole package off doorstep in Colonie

COLONIE, N.Y. — The Colonie Police Department released photos of
a suspect and vehicle wanted in connection with the theft of a package off the
doorstep of a Boght Road residence. 

The images were captured by the homeowner's surveillance system
when the theft occurred at 3:12 p.m. on December 3. 

According to police, there have been seven other reported package
thefts in the Town of Colonie since November 22. The thefts took place during
the business hours of 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and have occurred on the following
streets: Boght Road, Windrose Way, Corina Court, Dutch Meadows Drive, Wakefield
Lane, and Peachtree Lane. With the exception of Peachtree Lane, the streets are
in the northern section of town. 

Colonie Police believe the suspect from the Boght Road incident is
responsible for all thefts in the North Central Colonie area.

“It appears that he pulls up, exits his vehicle, walks up to
the front door, takes the packages and leaves,” Lieutenant Robert Winn with the
Colonie Police Department said. “It's a very quick process.”

Amit Chakraborti lives in the neighborhood where several of the
thefts have happened.

“This is the first I've heard of some packages being left
outside and people are taking it,” he said.

Chakraborti said he and his wife are now worried that they won't
be home when a package will be delivered to their house.

“'Cause sometimes I leave the packages outside and I never
had problem,” he continued.

Chakraborti also believes that the person stealing the packages is
not from the area.

Police insist residents should take extra precaution until the
person responsible for stealing these packages is caught.

“The recommendation is to request a signature so that, that package
cannot be left there unless someone from that residence signs for it,”
Lieutenant Winn suggested.

Another recommendation is to track the package online to ensure a
delivery date.

Police said the thief made off with an iPhone, two MacBook Pros, a
large exercise bike and a Swiffer duster. They believe the crimes are
crimes of opportunity and not people being targeted.

The stolen packages were sent by UPS, FedEx and the US Postal

The suspect is described as a white male with sunglasses and dressed in
all black and a black winter knit cap. The vehicle is a Silver Hyundai Elantra
four-door sedan. 

Anyone that recognizes the suspect or vehicle or has not reported
a suspected stolen package is urged to contact the Colonie Police Department at

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