Glens Falls man found guilty in son’s death to be sentenced

FALLS, N.Y. – Gary Waite, a Glens Falls man found guilty of murder,
manslaughter, and endangering the welfare of a child, was sentenced Thursday.

was sentenced to 25 years to Life in State Prison for 2nd Degree Murder charge,
the maximum sentence. 

jury found Gary Waite, a Glens Falls man accused of causing
the death
 of his 15-month-old, Jesse, guilty
of the charges
November 20, 2013.

victim impact statement was read in court on Thursday from Jesse's aunt,
because the mother has been hospitalized for the flu.

“I dropped Jesse off on that day in February 2012,
to Gary Waite, who was supposed to be a loving father,” said Tricia
Genier, Jesse's Aunt, reading a letter from Jesse's mother, Lisa Younes.

the statement, Jesse's aunt asked for the maximum sentence.

the sentencing, Jesse's family gathered outside of the courtroom. Although the
family said they are relieved with the sentencing, they are also upset that
they did not receive a full apology from Waite.

“He didn't say he was sorry. It would've been nice if he had said sorry
to my sister,” said Genier.

Waite's defense attorney said that he does plan to appeal
this decision, saying his client didn't deserve the maximum sentence in this

been waiting for two years,” said the child's mother, Lisa Younes, after
the verdict was handed down in November. “I'm happy Jesse got justice and
if he hadn't I would've fought for it still.”

the course of the trial, the jury heard graphic testimony about the extent of
the boy's fatal injuries. Police say Waite allegedly confessed to throwing the
boy on the couch where he then fell and hit his head on the floor, leading to a
severe head injury and death.

closing arguments, Waite's Attorney Marc Zuckerman told jurors that they
did not have enough information or evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt
that Waite didn't care about his son Jessie Smith.

was extremely concerned, upset, and hysterical. You heard the descriptions they
came from the police,” said Zuckerman.

DA Kate Hogan told the eight-man four-woman jury, that Waite did not seek
immediate medical care for Smith as he was clinging to life.

didn't do anything. He was choosing to protect himself as he documents in text
messages his child dying before his very eyes,” she said.

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