Bennington woman charged with stealing Christmas tree

BENNINGTON, VT – On December 6 at approximately 8:15 p.m., the Bennington Police Department received a report that someone had
stolen a Christmas tree from the NORSHAFT Lions Club Christmas Tree sales,
located at the Bennington Chamber of Commerce.

The complainant stated that they
witnessed two people in a gold colored vehicle bearing a Vermont registration
back up to the Christmas Trees and put one in the trunk before pulling out of
the lot.

According to the complainant the vehicle then traveled to the Kmart
Plaza, where two people exited the vehicle and put a blanket on top of the car,
removed the tree from the trunk, and secured it to the roof on top of the
blanket. The vehicle was last seen heading west on Kocher Drive towards
Northside Drive.

Upon running the registration given, the
vehicle showed to be registered to Dee Morse of Bennington. At Morse's
residence, a neighbor provided information that Morse had offered to sell them
the Christmas tree for $20 and that she was on her way home with it for the
neighbor to purchase.

During this time the vehicle and Morse were
located in the Walmart parking lot with a large Christmas tree affixed to the
top of the vehicle. Morse advised that she believed the Christmas trees at the
sale location were free because there were no signs indicating prices and the
trees were not tied down. When asked about her intentions on selling the tree,
Morse denied making a deal with anyone for the tree and indicated that it was
for herself.

Morse was arrested and charged with Petit Larceny, she is
scheduled to appear in Bennington Criminal Court on December 23, 2013.

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