STAR registration deadline coming to an end

ALBANY, N.Y. – Officials are trying to get more homeowners to register for New York's STAR property tax break before the end-of-year deadline.

The School Tax Relief, or STAR, exemption program applies to homeowners with a combined income of less than $500,000. The first $30,000 of the value of your home will see no school taxes.

State tax officials have been providing direct assistance to homeowners in seven STAR registration locations, one in Albany, for Capital Region residents, but that tax help ends Friday.

All homeowners have to reapply for the STAR benefit, even if they have previously applied.

This is part of an effort to weed out waste and abuse. State officials say 800,000 people still haven't registered with the December 31st deadline looming.

Joel Blumenthal a Master Tax Advisor at H&R Block explains state tax officials are urging the more than 800,000 homeowners who haven't already, to register or re-register for STAR as soon as possible.

“The longer you wait the harder it is, and there are frankly a lot of people off the week between Christmas and new year's, so there will be fewer people available to process these applications,” said Blumenthal.

To help register, the Tax Department is holding week-long registration events across the state. In Albany, you can find help at the Empire State Plaza Concourse where experts will be set up in front of the McDonalds through Friday.  

Eligible homeowners can register one of three ways:

  • In person one of the events
  • Go online to
  • Or by calling 457-2036.

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