High school senior wants answers on why superintendent was let go

ST. JOHNSVILLE, N.Y. – High school senior Tamara Romeyn attended the Oppenheim Ephratah St. Johnsville school board meeting Wednesday night to demand answers as to why the former superintendent was put on administrative leave.

The school board held a meeting Wednesday in the OESJ High School auditorium and addressed Romeyn's question within the first five minutes, but Romeyn was not satisfied with the answers.

Romeyn has been on a mission to find out why the previous superintendent, Laura Lawrence, was put on paid administrative leave.

“At the last board meeting, they wouldn't answer my questions,” Romeyn said. “They said I had to submit my questions to them.”

Romeyn also said Lawrence was always an approachable administrator, and she doesn't understand why Lawrence is no longer at the district. At the last board meeting she felt ignored by members of the board.

“They just went to the next person; ignored me,” she said.

“That's basically all she wants, answers. That's what the public wants on why they are doing things they are doing,” Tamara's father, Jason Romeyn, added.

One of the top items on the agenda Wednesday night was to address her request for answers.

“I'd like to thank you for submitting your questions,” Susanne Sammons said.

She added, “The school board holds the authority to adopt whatever policy rules and bylaws they deem would best meet statuary responsibility and meet the best results for students.”

“Under education law, we can't tell you certain things,” one of the board members added. ” I wish there would be some understanding of that.”

Romeyn was not satisfied.

“I don't think it's fair. She just gets taken away from us, and we have no reason why,” she said.

“The decisions they are making affects the public,” her father said. “It affects kids greatly.”

The interim superintendent said the search for a new superintendent to replace Lawrence is currently underway.

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